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Pennies from Heaven

Pennies from Heaven

I used to dance and sing to in my neighborhood talent shows back in the ’60s to Bing Crosby’s

song, “Pennies from Heaven”. The 2003 movie Elf helped restore this song to prominence for the

younger generations.

This morning, as I was reminiscing about those days, I found a penny on the ground. One cent. A

penny from Heaven. An uncontrollable giggle burst out of me. One cent made me smile.

Why? This one cent serves as a reminder to me that I am one sent. I am a sent one. Every day,

I’m sent to bring a smile, joy, laughter to my friends and neighbors.

I propose we start a one cent movement in Parker County. Every time you find a penny on your

daily path, remind yourself that you are a gift ready to be sent. Pick up the penny, and send

yourself to the nearest friend, neighbor, human being. 

What One Sent Means to Me

A friend of mine recently passed away, and it stirred up some memories from my childhood.

When riding my bike (complete with playing cards on my spokes to make a flapping noise), I

would often find a penny or two. My grandma would tell me it was a sign of good luck. 

Today, when I found that penny, I read on it “in God we trust” and “one cent,” and then it hit me.

One cent: One sent. I can be one sent to our community as a bearer of joy, hope and more. To

me, the penny is a reminder that when we trust in God, He sends us out to be a light in the


We get to be a light to those who are struggling with poor health or a heavy heart, those who

have lost hope, those who are hungry or lonely, those who have been abandoned or have lost

their way.

When you find a penny, just say or do something—anything—that will feed the yearning in

another person’s soul to feel valued, loved, and worth fighting for.

Why wait for a sad occasion, like a funeral? What if we held a LIFE, or in Hebrew l’chaim,

service while we are still present on this earth? Instead of a celebration after a funeral, let’s hold

one before a funeral!

This one act could be the very thing that delivers healing in so many ways. Imagine the impact in

people’s hearts of hearing how others see them, even when they have no energy to see

themselves as anything special. Would the delivery of love, hope, and perspective related to how

others see you make a difference to you?

I propose we no longer focus on holding funerals or wakes for those of us left behind. Rather,

let’s hold a l’chaim today and every day we find a penny. We don’t know when our mission on

this earth will be over. Until then, let’s each agree to be the one sent. Stay on the lookout for

your penny—a special sign to be one sent to those around you.

One cent or a penny from Heaven.  It makes cents (sense) to me.

How about you?