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Texas Renaissance Woman


Showing Up

Showing Up

Today I had the opportunity to hang out with me, myself and I in the management of my life. I learned so much that I’m still processing, but NUMBER 1 is “How Do You Show Up?” 

Let’s start this learning moment with my personal story of today. 

Wake up at 0430, grab a coffee ☕️, settle into the secluded place in my home where I engage in relaxing activities with less interruption, such as reading, meditating, writing, listening to harp music, and more. (These details are forthcoming in the next blog);

After reading, meditating scripture and engaging in exhilarating conversation with my Father God, I jump into jeans, oversized sweatshirt, put hair in a ponytail and work boots and head out for ranch chores…to include but not limited to putting out hay, unloading feed bags from the night before, locating the bottle of de-skunk to put on my dogs who apparently protected me from wild skunks during the night hours (or so they think), head to the barn to let goats out from their coyote-free safehouse 😉, stop and watch the sunrise, snap a few photos and head back up to the house. 

Load up the truck with materials and clothing needed for a day in the “city”, yet my truck is broken from a lady who rear ended me and somehow it collapsed overnight, no time to wait for a tow. Catch a ride to borrow a vehicle, go BACK to DMV to renew license, after my awesome birthday, due to being sent away last week because I didn’t have my passport in my back pocket; only to find out today that you have to make an appointment, no walk ins. (Wish they would have shared that tidbit last week when I waited in line). I was sent away again after waiting in line again! NO WALK INS. 

Ok fine, I’ll run to rental car company only to find out there was a disconnect between the insurance company and the car rental company and I was supposed to have an appointment NO WALK-INS allowed. 

Well then, I decide to sit and ponder my next steps. After a significant amount of time, the people at the front desk were feeling merciful and decided to help me out; only to find out that when they ran my $50 holding fee for the LOCAL rental car, LOCAL chase bank randomly decided to make it a fraud alert, and declined my debit card. And according to the rental car company, they can only run a card once every 24 hours. So, I offered to pay cash, they don’t accept cash. So, I call my local bank; after being pushed through the automated system loop for 18 minutes. The automated lady comes on and says “there’s no one that can answer your call right now” please call later and hangs up on me!

Meanwhile, I have a meeting in 20 with a lawyer who needs some remodeling and I remind myself, the world is run by those who show up. Ha! 😜

OK here we go. After a start like this? How am I going to show up? 

1. Frazzled? - due to skunks, a disabled vehicle, businesses that won’t let you show up?

2. Mad at the world? - due to automated systems and no personal interaction or care from DMV employees, CHASE BANK artificial intelligence employees or human rental car disheveled employees trying to manage their day? 

3. Distracted? - due to human beings continual lack of eye contact, poor communication, problem solving skills and simply caring for your neighbors?

Yes folks, the learning moment we are talking about today is… 🥁 How Are You Going To Show Up when the world seems against you?  

🔥This is the moment you pull from your reserves.🔥

We are in a season that I believe it would behoove us to actively build up emotional reserves.  To ensure there is a generous amount of liquidity in your strong emotional state. Or simply put: a massive supply of peace and joy that you can access when in crisis. 

So there you have it. That is why my superpower is “joy”.  I take time to make certain that my reserves are fully stocked before I head out for the day. 

…Just in case I run into a skunk, an insensitive robot, or a up-and-coming world system that requires a disconnect amongst humankind. 

Don’t let anything steal your morning meditative prayerful moments with your Creator and your Coffee.  You never know when your reserves will have the power to shift you into overdrive.