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Who Does That Make Sense To?

Who Does That Make Sense To?

My grandma had anecdotal sayings that have stuck with me for decades: “You can lead a horse to water, but can’t make him drink,” or “Common sense is a flower that doesn’t grow in everyone’s garden.” I was raised on a farm, and common sense was often relayed in what I call “word stories.” Somehow, these pithy sayings would enable me to catch the entire meaning with just a few words. “He’s a few bricks short of a full load, a few cards short of a full deck,” and so forth. All of these sayings seemed to center around the need for common sense.

Me and My Grandma “Ma”

Me and My Grandma “Ma”

Common sense—Grandma’s voice echoes in my mind as I recall her words of wisdom when observing the world today.  Our federal government, our judges, the entire system has lost any semblance of what used to be known as common sense. 

They may all be doctors and lawyers and well educated individuals, but I truly believe over half of them can’t pour water out of a boot with the instructions written on the bottom.

Where’s the Water?

Where’s the Water?

How much sense does it make to teach illegal migrant kids, but not teach our kids? 

Shut down entire cities, but leave the borders wide open?

Send 25 million to Pakistan for gender studies when we can’t pay our own bills?

Let’s talk about the above lack of common sense.

Kids in San Diego cannot go to school, but we can send teachers into filthy migrant facilities to teach in person. It’s obvious that the people we have elected have lost all common sense.

I believe kids learn better in school. They need the structure and socialization they get in school. Kids should go to school and learn. 

What about Illegal immigration? I know Americans are not opposed to immigration. After all, many of us are second-generation immigrants. We just want it done legally!

When the Americans came to Texas (while it was part of Mexico), they were given land, because there was so much land and no civilization anywhere. Americans coming to Texas provided a service for the Mexicans.  But, that was all the Mexicans did—give them the right to come. Now, when illegals cross the border, we have no more land to give away or areas that need to be developed, and we are merely paying their way.

I have some friends who live on the border in Texas, and I have heard about and seen first firsthand this huge influx of migrants. I have been told personally by somebody who works for border security that over 80 percent are just being released into the interior.

Nobody wants to rip babies out of mothers’ arms, but we have created a system in which it’s more beneficial to come to the states and live off of the government than to stay at home and work for a living.

We Americans want to take care of our neighbors and help other people, but as we are taught by the airlines, “In case of emergency, put your oxygen mask on first, then help your neighbor.”  I propose we are in an emergency.  As a country, let’s take care of ourselves before we try to fix the world.

With the current state of affairs, maybe states need to start looking out for their citizens. Or maybe we can start at a level that is a little more manageable—the county level.

Is it time for Texas to stand up for itself?  Should the counties start taking ownership? I understand the border is federal property, but right beyond that border is private Texas property. Maybe we need to set up our own border security?

Let’s remember the Irish migration. When the Irish came to America, they were given the right to enter and nothing else. They had to make their own way. They were not allowed to send their kids to school for free, and they were not allowed hospital care for free. We are nation that is very charitable, but the charity should start at home. It breaks my heart to know we have veterans sleeping under bridges, but we are putting illegals up in hotels.

We have a huge influx of immigrants who don’t speak English, and we are paying to teach them English in school and taking away from our own kids. In my birth town, we have a huge influx of illegal immigrants, and they are taking resources away from the schools in total disregard to the taxpayers. Instead of buying a new chemistry lab, we are hiring teachers to teach students English.

American taxpayer money is being squandered, and we are not using our resources appropriately.

Let’s look at the current stimulus package!  No, let’s not. I can’t type when my blood pressure rises that high.

We need to find a way to hold our federal government responsible for what and where they spend, and if they can’t do it, maybe Texas should keep its tax dollars at home and provide for its citizens the way its intended to be. (I think I read that in a novel somewhere.)

My final thoughts. Helping people is important, but no matter what side of the isle you’re on, when we spend 1.9 trillion dollars and only a small percentage goes to Americans, it makes you wonder if it’s a deliberate attempt to bankrupt the country and throw away its citizens.

Now we are looking at a new infrastructure bill in which only 8 percent goes to infrastructure.

I went to a local government meeting a couple days ago, and the local governments are realizing the federal government no longer has their best interest at heart. It’s time that we as Americans stand up and demand fair representation. We have politicians sending our money overseas, and I don’t want to be a conspiracy theorist, but as I mentioned earlier: Why would we send millions to Pakistan for gender research studies, and what does that have to do with COVID relief?

No matter what your belief system is, hopefully you can see that having the borders open draws people into the country, and they will be exploited. Exploited by the coyotes to get here, and then exploited by unscrupulous business folk once they arrive. Who does that make sense to?

A friend of mine recently pointed out that our forefathers saw this malfeasance of the federal government as a possibility, and that is precisely why we have article 5 of the constitution. Maybe it’s time we look at a convention of states so we can inject some common sense into our government.